Facilities Served

  • restaurant hood suppression systems

    Restaurant Hood Suppression Systems

    Commercial restaurants constantly use high temperatures while cooking for their Customers. The combination of high temperatures along with grease and oil is always at risk. Gas stoves, ovens, broilers and oil fryers must be protected with the proper suppression system to protect your customers, employees and business.

    Trust our technicians to inspect your suppression system to certify and assure your system is operating correctly. As a restaurant owner you are required by the State Fire Marshal to have your suppression system inspected semi-annual. It’s the law and your insurance company will require that you have it done.

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  • educational schools fire protection

    Educational Schools and Institutions

    Multicorp fire technicians are servicing over 500 educational facilities in the Baltimore and surrounding areas. Our trained technicians are very familiar with educational institutions and the importance of fire protection safety. Students, parents, faculty and staff all count on our protection.

    As per the research Structure Fires in Schools report published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFED) in September of 2019:

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  • commercial building fire protection

    Commercial Building

    Developing and maintaining an emergency procedure for fire safety is the best place to start when it comes your workplace. No matter how large or small your commercial office space the safety of all tenants and visitors is a number one priority.

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  • commercial vehicles fire protection

    Transportation / Fleet Vehicles

    Our work at Multicorp Fire Protection Services doesn’t stop at just buildings. In fact, we also inspect fire protection systems in company vehicles. Commercial vehicles are required to have fire protection equipment installed for the protection of the vehicle and those inside of it.

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  • group homes fire protection

    Group Homes

    Multicorp Fire Protection Services provides fire protection services for group homes to ensure a safe space for all residents. Our full service inspections, tests and repairs allow you to sleep peacefully in your home knowing that you are safe and have time to escape in the event of a fire emergency.

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  • Condominiums fire protection


    Fire safety is crucial when it comes to multi-tenant buildings such as condominiums. People aren’t just coming here to work, these are their homes. Multicorp Fire Protection Services ensures that tenants feel safe in their homes knowing that their fire protection systems are working properly.

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