Restaurant Hood Suppression Systems

Commercial restaurants constantly use high temperatures while cooking for their customers. The combination of high temperatures along with grease and oil is always at risk. Gas stoves, ovens, broilers and oil fryers must be protected with the proper suppression system to protect your customers, employees and business.

Trust our technicians to inspect your suppression system to certify and assure your system is operating correctly. As a restaurant owner you are required by the State Fire Marshal to have your suppression system inspected semi-annual. It’s the law and your insurance company will require that you have it done.

The Clear Benefits of a Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems and the first and foremost benefit is early detection and quick response to the fire. Pre-engineered fire suppression systems provide fast, on-site protection at the earliest stage of a fire. Depending upon the detection package installed, the system response could be immediate or timed delay. Second, pre-engineered fire suppression systems are safe and easy to use. Since pre-engineered fire suppression systems activate automatically, they are safe and easy to use. Systems do not require human intervention although they do provide a manual override option in case of emergency. Third, pre-engineered means pretested to ensure success. Designed in accordance with NFPA 17a and 96 and tested to stringent Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) testing protocols, pre-engineered fire suppression systems are pre-tested to effectively extinguish specific types of fires in special hazard situations. A fourth benefit of pre-engineered fire suppression systems is that it eliminates the fuel source. The fuel or electrical source of a fire contained within cooking equipment often continues to feed the fire after it has ignited. Reengineered fire suppression systems eliminate the fuel source automatically.

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